Super Eclipse

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The Ion storm is closing in as the four moons move past each other in rapid succession, bringing intermittent darkness, tidal activity and unexpected blinding light plus chill temperatures and gravity disruptions. Getting a base set up is of critical importance. Capturing the lightning towers so that they can provide power for the underground complex you’ve discovered is the only way to do it in time.


Dawn of War Deployment, with 3 total objectives.

  1. Speak to your opponent about the Terrain and then determine Warlord Traits, Psychic Powers/other abilities.
  2. Roll off. Winner chooses his deployment zone.
  3. Place one objective (“tower”) in the center of the board.
  4. Starting with whomever chose their deployment zone, alternate placing two more objective markers (called Lightning Towers) anywhere partially within 6″ of the center line on ground level, but not within 18″ of any other Tower.   Towers are considered impassible terrain and do not block line of sight.
  5. The person who did not choose their deployment zone deploys first.  The armies will alternate deploying.
  6. Roll off to see who gains the first turn.  The first to complete their deployments gets a +1 to this roll.
  7. The enemy may not try to seize the initiative.

Special rules

Lightning Towers:
The Objectives attract lightning to harness their power. The player whose turn it is rolls randomly to see which tower gets hit in every player turn BEFORE normal movement has begun. On a 1-2 the left tower is hit. 3-4, the center tower and 5-6 the right tower (relative to the person rolling). Any unit within 6″ of the tower struck suffers a 1 point penalty for to hit rolls of any kind.  This lasts until the beginning of the rolling players next turn.  Eyes, cogitators, diodes  and nerves need time to readjust to the shock wave.
While Eclipse is in effect:  units gain a +1 cover bonus to their saves when more than 12″ away from the firing unit.  This doesn’t stack with any other cover bonus nor effect.  At the beginning of the 2nd Battle Round, and the beginning of each Battle Round after that, roll a D6. On a 5+, The Eclipse ends. This represents the moons rotating in and out of eclipse.


Primary Objectives:
Controlling the “center” objective uncontested with a unit at the end of the game. You can score this objective once.
Tertiary objectives:
Beginning in round 2, controlling any other objective uncontested at the beginning of your turn. There is no limit to the points you may earn doing this, so keep track!
Tie Breaker 1:
The Ambassador with the most units ENTIRELY within 9″ of the center objective.
Tie Breaker 2:
The Ambassador with the most Power levels of Troops Choices left on the board.
Tie Breaker 3:
The Ambassador who has the highest total Power Levels entirely within 6″ of the tertiary objectives.
Tie Breaker 4:
The Ambassador that controlled a tertiary objective first at the start of their turn.

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