Secure the Tarmac

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The storm has passed, the base is secure and powered up. Within the alien confines, you have discovered a massive inventory of genome information plus enormous stores of samples from a race you have not yet devoured/met/collected teeth from before. It is important that your fleets be notified and landing areas be cleared for their arrival to lift you off planet. Of course there is still the matter of the opposing forces who are finding equally interesting alien tech and there are very few places safe enough for landings. Your sensors have detected interlopers attempting to claim the landing zone mid-day when the sun is blasting the planet’s surface, in hopes of facing less resistance from you. Do not allow them to escape with their own finds. Wipe them out, penetrate their lines, and cripple their combat effectiveness by targeting specific force elements to weaken the whole.


No Man’s Land deployment:

  1. Speak to your opponent about the Terrain and then determine Warlord Traits, Psychic Powers/other abilities.
  2. Roll off. Winner chooses his deployment zone.
  3. Roll off again. The winner Deploys his entire army first and gets a +1 to his roll for first turn!
  4.  Roll off to see who gets the first turn.  No bonus is granted for being the first to finish deploying.
  5. The enemy may not try to seize the initiative.

Special Rules

No Mans Land:
The suns rays blast the No Man’s Land. Nightfall smooths and cools it making it the perfect tarmac, The eclipses are causing gravity wells here that lighten everything as well.

All vehicles that do not have the fly rule, which both start and end their movement in the No Mans Land without passing through or over any terrain, may opt to add 6″ to their Advance roll distance.  While infantry can nimbly avoid the occasional pockets of molten rock that form here and there, tanks are not so fortunate at those speeds.  Eligible Vehicles choosing to take advantage of this roll a D6 after declaring they will advance.  On 1 or 2 on the die, the vehicle stops after its normal move distance, Counts as having advanced, and takes 2 mortal wounds. If it passes the test, the vehicle continues as planned.


Primary Objectives:
Removing all units within a given Battlefield Role is the primary objective.

If you end the game and your enemy has no units in a particular Battlefield Role left on the table, you receive credit for achieving 1 Primary Objective. For example, if the enemy ended the game with no Heavy Support choices, you achieved a Primary Objective (9 points). If they also have nothing with the Fast Attack Battlefield Role on the board, that’s another Primary Objective achieved, and so on.  So make sure you have used every Battlefield Role at least once in your force!

Note:  If you do not include a unit with the Lord of War Battlefield Role in your force, ending the game without one does not grant the enemy Primary Objective points for removing it.  The same is true of Flyers, Dedicated Transports and Fortifications.

Tertiary Objectives:
Total the Power of your units that end the game in the No Mans Land.  For each 15 Power Levels worth of units in the No Mans Land you score a Tertiary Objective.
Tie Breaker 1:
Army with the most remaining Battlefield Roles still represented on the field.
Tie Breaker 2:
Total Power Levels of Troop Choices still on the field.
Tie Breaker 3:
Army with the most Power Levels in the enemy deployment zone.
Tie Breaker 4:
The highest Power Level unit that is left on the field.

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