The Game Matrix and our sponsors have been very generous, and this is one of the highest paying tournaments in all of western Washington, and probably in most places.  Each year is different but the Ambassadors enjoy each year more than the last.

The Ancient sword is real and will be on display during the tournament. If you win this tournament, your name and faction will be forever reflected in its shining history alongside past and future tournament victors. This blade will be the tool by which the Great Ones measure their support during the Final Wars to come. Those factions appearing in its mirrored surface most often can be sure of ultimate victory!  They also appear on the Live Coverage page, immortalized there forever.

Sportsmanship garners a hefty reward, so keep it in mind.  Ambassadors who remember their decorum and good graces return.  Those who fail to exhibit either may find themselves in the void.

All prizes require you to be present in order to receive them, and prizes will be handed out only after the final round is complete. Deserters will be executed and the records of their deeds expunged from time and space.

Most of our prizes are raffled!  So unlike many events, you do not need to come here fearing for losses.  We want you to have a great time, and so it is our tradition to spread hefty prizes among you for the great event that you make it.  That is to say nothing of the door prizes you leave with, the victuals we will stuff into you and the great river of unending snacks and drinks we provide.

Most of us just go for the fun, the food, the flavor of the event, the all comer representative type armies and comradery.  Having said that, this is also an ITC Grand Tournament.  This is one of the important events to attend if you are actually competing to see how far you can go as a commander of Warhammer 40,000 forces.  It is a badge of honor to have attended one.  For those who don’t know, when you register for ITC events it’s not just to track your results.  Your best three regular tournament scores are added together to give you a ranking, and then your best two Grand Tournament scores are allowed to be added to that!  By attending here you are well on your way to maximizing your standing, and it puts you well ahead of those who do not.  Have fun with it.