Evacuation: The Battle for Armed Supremacy

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The Landing Platform is secure and now the ships can land. The ground forces are in a state of disarray as bombardments have fragmented them badly. Enemy fleets have darkened the skies and a conflict rages above you. To keep you from escaping, your fellow Ambassadors have begun their purging protocols. It would be best if you hurried. Most of the enemy’s have not managed to get anything to the planet through the miasma of missile and gun fire… save one other faction. You must take the Landing pods by force to return to your ship with your valuable cargo. The enemy has no intention of letting you.


Vanguard Deployment (14.5″ along the short edge, 21.5″ along the long edge of opposing corners as diagramed):

  1. Speak to your opponent about the Terrain and then determine Warlord Traits, Psychic Powers/other abilities.
  2. Roll off. Alternate placing three objectives, winner first. All Objectives are impassible terrain that do not block line of sight. Place them anywhere that is more than 6″ from a board edge and more than 12″ from another objective. These are Delta Objectives.
  3. Roll Off. The winner chooses which opposing corner he wishes to deploy in, as indicated on the diagram. Starting with the winner of this roll, each player places one objective in their own deployment zone (called Alpha Objectives).
  4. Roll off. The person who rolls highest must deploy his entire army first followed by his opponent.  The person who deploys first will take first turn.
  5. The opposing player may try to seize the initiative if he wishes.


Primary Objective:
Taking the most Alpha Objectives uncontested at the end of the game is a primary objective.
Separately, taking the most Delta Objectives uncontested at the end of the game is a Primary objective.
In addition, Destroying the most Power Levels is a Primary objective.
This means that all three can be scored!
Additional Tertiary objective:
Controlling the Alpha objective in the enemy deployment zone at the beginning of your player turn (before reserves arrive) is a tertiary objective. This may be accomplished on multiple turns, so make sure to mark down the points as you earn them.
Tie Breaker 1:
The Ambassador with the most Power Levels remaining on the board at the end of the game.
Tie Breaker 2:
The Ambassador with the most enemy HQ’s successfully eliminated
Tie Breaker 3:
The Ambassador who eliminates the most vehicles and/or monstrous creatures.
Tie Breaker 4:
The Ambassador with the most units of any kind in the enemy deployment zone.
Tie Breaker 5:
The Ambassador with the largest Power Level unit left on the board.

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