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You must attack and detonate the buried communication equipment of the enemy to disrupt their ability to organize. Unfortunately the enemy had the same thought about you. Only the quickest forces will hope to accomplish all they must to both protect their own equipment while damaging the enemy’s.


  1. Speak to your opponent about the Terrain and then determine Warlord Traits, Psychic Powers/other abilities.
  2. Roll off. Winner chooses his deployment quadrant.
  3. Each player, winner of the roll off first, places all 3 of his objective markers at once. They are placed anywhere in the enemy deployment zone, but not within 8″ of each other nor the center of the board. They are considered impassible terrain and do not block line of sight.
  4. Roll off again. The winner Deploys his entire army first in his quadrant with no units within 12″ of the center as shown, and will have the first turn.  Then the Defender may do the same in their quadrant.
  5. The enemy may try to seize.


Primary objective:
Each of the markers you placed in the enemy zone count as a primary objective, if you have units within 3″ of them and no enemy units within 3″ at the end of the game.
Tertiary Objectives:
Have a unit within 3″ of an objective in your own deployment zone, at the end of the game. You do not have to control them to gain this tertiary objective! Each such objective you are within 3″ of may be scored, so hold your ground!
Tie Breaker 1:
The Ambassador with the most units in their enemy’s deployment zone.
Tie Breaker 2:
The Ambassador that controls more board quarters by having units in them and no enemy units there.
Tie Breaker 3:
The Ambassador with the most Fast Attack choices left on the board.
Tie Breaker 4:
The Ambassador that controlled a primary (enemy) objective first at the start of his turn.

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