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Tournament Coverage

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  • 6th Annual
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  • 5th Annual II
  • 4th Annual
  • 4th Annual II
  • 3rd Annual

Live Streaming Coverage

Live coverage will be available during the tournament. Visit often for updated bracket standings, pictures, and more!

Bracket Alpha

GeneStealer CultBlood AngelsChaos Space MarinesDark EldarTyranidsSpace WolvesChaos DaemonsNecrons
GeneStealer CultGrey KnightsTyranidsNecrons
Astra MilitarumTyranids
TyranidsTau EmpireTau Empire
Eldar CraftworldsTau Empire
Adeptus Astartes: SMEldar CraftworldsTau EmpireAstra Militarum
Adeptus Astartes: SMChaos Space MarinesEldar CraftworldsAdeptus MechanicusTau EmpireGrey KnightsAstra MilitarumOrks

Bracket Omega

Astra MilitarumNecronsAdepta SororitasEldar CraftworldsDark EldarGeneStealer CultChaos DaemonsBlood Angels
NecronsEldar CraftworldsDark EldarBlood Angels
Eldar CraftworldsDark Eldar
Eldar CraftworldsEldar CraftworldsTyranids
GeneStealer CultTyranids
GeneStealer CultChaos DaemonsTau EmpireTyranids
Tau EmpireGrey KnightsAdeptus Astartes: SMTyranids

Top Bracket

TyranidsSpace WolvesAdeptus Astartes: SMKhornate DaemonkinBlood AngelsChaos Space MarinesAstra MilitarumNecrons
TyranidsAdeptus Astartes: SMBlood AngelsNecrons
Adeptus Astartes: SMNecrons
Adeptus Astartes: SMEldar CraftworldsEldar Craftworlds
Dark AngelsEldar Craftworlds
Dark AngelsDark EldarOrksEldar Craftworlds
Militarum TempestusDark AngelsGrey KnightsDark EldarOrksChaos DaemonsTau EmpireEldar Craftworlds

Middle Bracket

Space WolvesAdeptus Astartes: SMKhornate DaemonkinChaos DaemonsChaos Space MarinesMilitarum TempestusAstra MilitarumTau Empire
Adeptus Astartes: SMChaos DaemonsChaos Space MarinesTau Empire
Chaos DaemonsTau Empire
Tau Empire

Last Chancers

Dark EldarMilitarum TempestusBlood AngelsKhornate DaemonkinOrksSpace WolvesTyranidsAstra Militarum
Dark EldarKhornate DaemonkinOrksTyranids
Khornate DaemonkinOrks
Khornate Daemonkin

Got 'em Where We Want 'em

NecronsDark AngelsGrey KnightsChaos Space MarinesMilitarum TempestusBlood AngelsSpace WolvesAstra Militarum
Dark AngelsChaos Space MarinesBlood AngelsAstra Militarum
Dark AngelsBlood Angels
Dark Angels

Top Bracket

Tau EmpireDark AngelsBlood AngelsTyranidsChaos DaemonsAstra MilitarumMilitarum TempestusAdepta Sororitas
Dark AngelsBlood AngelsChaos DaemonsAdepta Sororitas
Blood AngelsAdepta Sororitas
Adepta SororitasEldar CraftworldsEldar Craftworlds
Space WolvesEldar Craftworlds
Space WolvesOrksDark EldarEldar Craftworlds
Space WolvesAdeptus Astartes: SMOrksNecronsDark EldarKhornate DaemonkinEldar CraftworldsGrey Knights

Middle Bracket

NecronsTau EmpireTyranidsKhornate DaemonkinAstra MilitarumAdeptus Astartes: SMMilitarum TempestusGrey Knights
NecronsTyranidsAdeptus Astartes: SMGrey Knights
NecronsAdeptus Astartes: SM

Last Chancers

Dark AngelsAstra MilitarumChaos DaemonsKhornate DaemonkinMilitarum TempestusTau EmpireDark EldarOrks
Astra MilitarumOrksMilitarum TempestusChaos Daemons
Astra MilitarumChaos Daemons
Chaos Daemons

Got 'em Where We Want 'Em

Blood AngelsSpace WolvesTyranidsGrey KnightsDark AngelsKhornate DaemonkinTau EmpireDark Eldar
Blood AngelsTyranidsDark AngelsDark Eldar
Blood AngelsDark Angels
Blood Angels

Top Bracket

Dark EldarAdeptus MechanicusSpace WolvesKhornate DaemonkinTau EmpireByeAstra MilitarumEldar Craftworlds
Adeptus MechanicusSpace WolvesTau EmpireEldar Craftworlds
Space WolvesEldar Craftworlds
Space WolvesTyranidsTyranids
TyranidsBlood Angels
Chaos Space MarinesTyranidsBlood AngelsGrey Knights
Dark AngelsChaos Space MarinesTyranidsNecronsBlood AngelsAdeptus Astartes: SMOrksGrey Knights

Middle Bracket

NecronsDark EldarKhornate DaemonkinAdeptus Astartes: SMTau EmpireDark AngelsAstra MilitarumOrks
NecronsAdeptus Astartes: SMDark AngelsOrks
Adeptus Astartes: SMDark Angels
Dark Angels

Bottom Bracket

Adeptus MechanicusKhornate DaemonkinBlood AngelsTau EmpireGrey KnightsDark EldarChaos Space MarinesAstra Militarum
Khornate DaemonkinBlood AngelsGrey KnightsChaos Space Marines
Khornate DaemonkinGrey Knights
Khornate Daemonkin

We Got 'Em Where We Want 'Em

Eldar CraftworldsAdeptus MechanicusNecronsOrksDark EldarAstra MilitarumTau EmpireBye
Eldar CraftworldsNecronsAstra MilitarumTau Empire
Eldar CraftworldsAstra Militarum
Eldar Craftworlds

Second Bracket

Top Bracket

Tau EmpireAdeptus Astartes: SMSpace WolvesNecronsDark EldarChaos Space Marines
Tau EmpireAdeptus Astartes: SMDark EldarChaos Space Marines
Tau EmpireChaos Space Marines
Tau EmpireAstra MilitarumAstra Militarum
Astra MilitarumEldar Craftworlds
Astra MilitarumTyranidsBlood AngelsEldar Craftworlds
Khornate DaemonkinAstra MilitarumTyranidsBlood AngelsGrey KnightsEldar Craftworlds

Middle Bracket

Space WolvesGrey KnightsKhornate DaemonkinNecrons
Dark EldarGrey KnightsKhornate DaemonkinAdeptus Astartes: SM
Dark EldarAdeptus Astartes: SM
Dark Eldar

Bottom Bracket

NecronsTyranidsBlood AngelsSpace Wolves
Eldar CraftworldsNecronsBlood AngelsChaos Space Marines
Eldar CraftworldsBlood Angels
Blood Angels

Consolation Bracket

Grey KnightsTyranidsKhornate DaemonkinSpace Wolves
Grey KnightsSpace Wolves
Space Wolves
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