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8610 South Tacoma Way
Lakewood, WA 98499

Early bird: $50
Registration: $55

Welcome, esteemed Ambassadors.
No doubt you’re wondering why we brought you together…

The Elvensword Arena is hosting the galaxy’s most important tournament to determine which force can truly claim the right of destiny and armed supremacy.

An Ambassador from each faction will be invited to meet and prove both. You will gather your armed ambassadorial entourage to represent your faction in the Elvensword Arena. Sixteen Ambassadors—One survivor.

Of course all the nutrients and fluids the Ambassadors will require shall be provided to them, free of charge, during their stay at the Arena, as will other gifts as befits the station of one who represents the paragon of their kind.

We hope you enjoy your stay, Ambassador, however brief it may prove to be…

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